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How effective is Online Learning in the IELTS?


Working as a nurse in the Philippines is one stressful job. Toxic is one word to describe an everyday battle in the hospital. Practicing my profession for three years now, I believe that this job could be very tiring but rewarding as well. Many have been said about nurses flying to other countries for a better job. Aside from hospital experience, Filipino nurses are asked to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination, an English proficiency test that I took a couple of months ago. I am Samantha and this is how online reviewing for the IELTS helped me get a very good score in the test.

A few months ago, my friend, who has been working in Australia for three years, asked me if I was willing to work in Australia. Working overseas was not really a problem for me. I was just waiting for the right time for it, and the timing was perfect. Among all the documents needed, I was only left with the IELTS certification. I needed an overall band score of 7.0 for my application. My friend recommended a review center of which I visited. I was pretty satisfied with their review packages so I enrolled. However, the problem started when I started being absent from classes because of work. I was just too tired to review. Also, my work schedule was pretty crazy as the hospital was understaffed. I talked to the supervisor and she suggested having online review classes instead.

I was not totally persuaded that the online IELTS review would work. I had doubts; however, I was left with no choice since I needed to take the exam in three months. The classes were pretty the same with the typical classroom setting. Yet, I felt that I was improving every week with the online class. I was happy about my online class and felt confident after reviewing for three months. When I took the test, I got an OBS of 8.0 – way even better than I expected. I owe it to the efforts given by my mentors in the online review class. Is it effective? Indeed. Here are some reasons why I think an online review class for the IELTS is perfect.

  • There is undivided attention from the teacher. She was able to focus on me giving me direct feedback of my performance. It was important for me to know my weaknesses for me to work harder.
  • The classes are scheduled based on my availability. I did not worry whether I was too tired in class because I took it at home. I felt more relaxed learning in an environment where I could be totally rest.
  • The materials are always updated. They have the best libraries of practice tests and mock exams. I did not have a hard time during the exam day as I knew what to do in every question.
  • Speaking English has become easier. Unlike in a big class where I was a little uneasy, I was able to speak out in my online class. Asking questions to my teacher never made me embarrassed.
  • Mock exams are made available. Though it was an online class, a day in a week was allotted for mock exams. This helped my mentor gauge my progress in the course.

My success in my IELTS test was possible because of my online review classes. Learning has never been convenient and easy with the online IELTS review class.


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