IELTS UKVI Online Review VS IELTS UKVI Review Center

The recent announcement of the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UVKI) with regard to taking the IELTS UKVI has brought frenzy to many UK visa applicants, particularly Filipinos. In the past years, a great number of Filipinos have left the country to seek better opportunities in the UK. With great compensation packages and positive career growth, more and more Filipinos are encouraged to transfer and work in the UK. However, certain requirements have to be met including the completion of the IELTS UKVI.

The IELTS UKVI is an English proficiency examination that will evaluate a person’s skill in understanding and using the English language. There are score requirements given on a particular visa application. IELTS test candidates start seeking good review centers for the IELS UKVI. In fact, there are a good number of IELTS UKVI review centers that offer programs that ready students in taking the said examination. What makes these candidates confused is whether to take IELTS UKVI online or in a review center.

The existence of online training for the IELTS UKVI has brought different opinions from many people. Some see it as an advantage while others doubt the quality of training in online classes. Let us find out what one can expect from an IELTS UKVI online review and IELTS UKVI review in a review center.


Looking at them closely, there is not much of a difference when a student decides to study IELTS UKVI online or physically in a review center. IELTS UKVI review centers make sure that what they offer in their regular program is also provided in the online class. What the online IELTS UKVI boasts of is the convenience it brings to a student because of one-one-one setup and the fact that students can do the class anytime and anywhere.


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