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Be Aware of the OBS Requirement for General Training Module

The General Training module of the IELTS is one of the two modules offered by the IELTS test. Individuals who take the General Training module are those who are planning to take secondary education, work experience or training programs in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Also, people who take this module are those migrating to the said countries. The General Training module typically measures the ability of an individual to survive basic social and workplace English interactions.

ielts review center in makati

IELTS test candidates of the said module are interested to know the required overall band score as their requirement to their visa applications. There are some that require a score of 5.5 such as butchery. This is for one skilled working Australia, Canada, and New Zealand that has been receiving a lot of applicants from the Philippines. Some would require a score of 7.0 for immigration purposes. Others require a score of 6.0 for training programs. Meaning to say, the IELTS band score requirement will depend on the company and the country you are applying for.

Since getting the required score is highly important, the best preparation one can get is to be in the best IELTS review center. IELTS review in the Philippines has been very popular with the amount of people planning to work overseas. Further, with all review centers claiming they are the best IELTS review center, it is a wise move to know what must General Training candidates look for in an IELTS review here in Philippines.

  • IELTS review centers should have flexible schedule. Most students of the review program are working professionals, so their schedules might be free only on weekends. Weekend classes are perfect or night scheduled classes are preferable.
  • Review centers should be conveniently located and promotes a conducive environment for learning. Location is a priority as IELTS students opt to find a place that is accessible and has a good learning atmosphere from both students and instructors.
  • Materials or modules in classes should be kept updated and new. You can even ask review centers what materials they use and check it online if those are relevant sources for knowledge in the IELTS. Also, the review center should give students a weekly assessment of their progress with the program through conducting mock exams on both written and speaking sections of the test.
  • Seasoned instructors are experienced individuals who can teach you great skills and strategies for the examination. Also, these IELTS instructors are experts in giving comments and advice to students on how they can improve their performance for the test.
  • A reasonably priced review is an assurance that you will get quality training with your money’s worth. Ask around your friends and read testimonials about the review center. Always make a smart decision on your IELTS review center choice.

The General Training module could be much easier than the Academic, yet IELTS test candidates should always not be complacent with this fact. It is still important to put emphasis and importance in finding a good review and doing lots of practices for the IELTS test. Also, ask the company or your work agency with the IELTS score requirement, so you could work harder in perfecting your English skills for the test.


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