Sets of Tongue Twister to Improve your Speaking

The last part of the IELTS is the Speaking test, where you will find yourself having a discussion with a certified examiner. The assessment criteria will be the same with the Writing exams, which will be assessed in four parts – task response, coherence and cohesion, vocabulary, and grammar. Your IELTS score will reflect your proficiency of the English language, but the Speaking test, in particular, will define your command of the language by having an actual interactive conversation.

The test will be 11-14 minutes long, and the discussion will be about real-life situations – like talking about yourself and your family. The examiner will then ask you to speak about a topic, in which case you will need to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

If your oral command of the English language needs work, strengthen the muscles necessary for proper speech with the use of tongue twisters. It may sound crazy, but tongue twisters can greatly help you with your articulation and it’s exactly what you need as training for IELTS!

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Where to Get Free IELTS Training?

Students will definitely agree with the statement that studying is not a fun activity. Even so, it is something that students have to do in able to pass. The same thing goes to people who are going to take an English proficiency exam. Though Filipinos are known for their fluency in the English language, they still have to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination to be able to have an opportunity to find jobs, study in a prestigious university or even live in an English-speaking country. Taking the test and passing the required scores makes one a fluent English speaker.

Before taking the test, it is best to any candidate to undergo training for the exam. There are lot of benefits of training before taking the exam. It helps the candidate in building their English skills and be able to improve them. There are some strategies needed to know in the exam to successfully answer to the tasks. Another is that candidates have to know the areas where they are strong and weak. Knowing their weaknesses will push them to study harder and put more in reviewing.

Most of the time, reviewing can be pretty costly as you have to purchase books and manuals for the IELTS. The question now is: where can candidates get free IELTS training materials?

For starters, the internet is a good source of materials for the IELTS. There are quite a number of websites that host free practice tests for the IELTS. To name some, we have free practice tests from the two authorized agencies of the IELTS: British Council and IDP. Other free IELTS practice websites include and In your search engine, type the words free IELTS practice tests. Easy and convenient, the internet has practice tests with answers.

These websites have different exercises for IELTS two different modules: Academic and General Training. There are also sample answers that will guide candidates in understanding the passages and at the same time creating a pattern for them especially on the writing section.

Another way for candidates to get free IELTS training is to attend seminars of IELTS review centers. One of theperks of attending such is that most of the time, they have promos on how to get discounted review and some even give out free IELTS training as a perk in attending the seminar. Check out IELTS review centers’ websites and pages on social networking sites for these kinds of promos and announcements.

It is important to be prepared for the examination. That is why all candidates for the IELTS test find a way to review by checking free materials online or spending a little money in course programs in IELTS review centers.

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IELTS Training in the Philippines – How Do I Start?

My boss is asking me to take the IELTS examination. He is referring me to this job in Australia and the said test is a qualification. Are there any training offered for this test? I am so busy and I need to balance my time between working and studying” – Theodore, 30, engineer

In taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, preparation is much needed. Most of the time, people who are scheduled to take the IELTS seek information online and do practice tests for free. Some look for good finds in bookstores to help them review for the test. There are many ways to get ready for the examination. However, most candidates who have already taken the test advise others to take IELTS training in IELTS review centers here in the Philippines.

Many have already been known about these IELTS review centers. A lot of individuals attest that with the help of these centers, getting their target scores have been a breeze. Some are sceptical while the majority are persuaded to enrol in these classes. How can one start in an IELTS review centers? Here is a step-by-step guide in taking IELTS training here in the Philippines.

  • Search online on some IELTS review centers. There are different blogs online describing these review centers. Write down their addresses and contact numbers.
  • Call a particular review center and set up an appointment.
  • Upon your meeting, ask different things about the review center. These questions can include: cost of the review, flexibility of the class schedule, how the classes are conducted, quality of the mentors and availability of mock tests.
  • Once you are enrolled, ask for any review materials that they will be providing.
  • Check your class schedule. Inform your teacher if there are days that you will not be able to attend your class. Make sure that your teachers are always informed about your absence.
  • When you are scheduled for a mock test, attend to your schedule as much as possible. The mock test is a good exercise for you to be familiar with the flow of the examination.

Leaning with experts for the IELTS creates a great advantage to any IELTS test takers. The secret in achieving one’s target score is with the amount of practice one gets prior to the examination. Cramming should be avoided in the examination. As much as possible, train in review centers for a couple of months before registering for the examination. IELTS test needs ample preparation and should not be taken for granted.

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IELTS Writing Mistakes Often Committed by Butchers

Who says writing is easy? Well, for those bloggers and book authors, writing can be a piece of cake but for sure they have experienced moments where they could not think of any idea on what to write. The most common problem with writing is the development of ideas. People cannot brainstorm well because either they have a lot of ideas that organizing it into a good essay is difficult or there is not a single idea that comes into their mind. In an English proficiency examination like the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS, it is best for any candidate to learn skills that will help them get a good score in the test.

Among the working professionals and students who take the IELTS, butchers need a lot of training for the writing section. The writing section involved a lot of basic knowledge in English like sentence construction, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Hence, to avoid committing a lot of mistakes for this section, here are what butchers often overlook in the IELTS writing test.

  • Too wordy essay. There is a minimum number of words in the IELTS writing. Some candidates do not have any ideas anymore that they tend to write similar content sentences over and over again to reach the number of words compromising the flow and the content of the essay.
  • Too short essay. Some do not have enough time to finish the essay. The essay is short, poorly written and do not have a definite content. This problem is totally penalized in the writing section.
  • Tasks are not completed. There are certain points that should be included in the essay. Failure to complete these means a low grade in writing.
  • No transition words. Transition words are very important in an essay. They show added information, contrasting ideas, and even to show a cause and effect relationship. Some butchers fail to understand and even use these effectively makes the essay very plain and the unorganized. IELTS butcher candidates should practice more on this.
  • Misspelled words. Most of the time, words are not spelled write. This can be a careless mistake or the candidate is unsure of the spelling of a particular word. If the reason is the latter, better think of other words to express what you mean.

IELTS writing for butchers are not that complicated as the Academic Module. For them to be familiar with the writing, constant training is needed. Guidance from a writing teacher is recommended and IELTS training from review centers is the best choice.

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Top 10 Universities in USA

Land of milk and honey – every Filipino has their own American dream. Growing up in a country where Americans have a great influence, dreaming of visiting the country is a typical Filipino wish. The desire of seeing famous landmarks and tourist spots such as Mt. Rushmore, Hollywood, and the Big Apple, New York makes any traveller the urge to pursue their American dream. Aside from these, the United States of America is also known to house hundreds of good universities. And being with one of these universities is the best thing that could happen in a student’s life.

Different universities and colleges are known to offer good course programs not only to Americans but international students as well. Due to this, foreign students, especially Filipinos, work hard on getting a visa to take the opportunity in studying overseas. To help students decide on which university to enrol and take their chances, here is the list of the top 10 American universities according to the Center for World University Ranking (CWUR).

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. Columbia University
5. University of California, Berkeley
6. University of Chicago
7. Princeton University
8. Yale University
9. Cornell University
10. California Institute of Technology

These top ten universities are sure to have a lot of requirements and tests before a student can be considered a spot in their institution. For example, Harvard University has a pretty demanding list of requirements. Including on the list of their requirements are the following: standardized test scores from either the SAT or ACT, an English language proficiency examination, series of interviews and examinations. For the English language test, IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is accepted. Candidates have to score an overall band score of 7.0 in the Academic Module of the test.

Each academic institution has their own requirements; thus, any candidate should visit the school’s website and carefully understand the process of the application. Some has very specific documents to be sent and these should all be complete before lodging the application. More importantly, there is a need for candidates to prepare for the IELTS examination. It is important to hit the target score; hence, Filipinos enrol in IELTS training centers to be informed, trained, and honed for the IELTS examination.

Check the school of your own choice and list every requirement. Make a checklist so that no requirement gets behind.

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Grammar Writing Improvement Training in the Philippines

I admit that I was totally clueless on the certain rules in the English grammar. Given the fact that it was taught in elementary and high school, I was pretty confident that I would be able to ace any English examinations given to me. English has been my second language. It has been spoken at home and in school, so I really do not have a hard time using it until I had to take the IELTS.

I was preparing my requirements to study in Australia. I wanted to get a certificate for culinary arts and one of the school’s requirements was to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Not knowing what this test was, I checked it online and found bits and pieces of information about it. Since it was a requirement, I decided to buy some review materials in a bookstore. Honestly speaking, the reading and listening sections were quiet easy for me. Additionally, the speaking was not much of a problem since I am known to be very sociable and talkative. What really caused me serious trouble was the writing part. I did not know how to write essays for the IELTS.

With this, I started reading sample essays on the internet. I was surprised with how fluent the essays were and I realized I needed help. Friends recommended finding a review center for the IELTS. I looked for some online and found JRooz Review Center. I was thrilled with their program and decided to enrol. The best thing about their program is their grammar classes.

A diagnostic test was given to us and right there I noticed how poor my grammar understanding was. My score in that test was not something I was proud of; however, the classes indeed helped me a lot. Most of the time, classroom discussion on the common rules in verb tenses and sentence construction was discusses and further elaborated. There were lessons on punctuations, vocabulary and a step-by-step guide in writing essays for the IELTS writing. I had a hard time but I eventually gained more confidence as the program went on. All the things I learned in grammar class were useful in my writing responses.

My IELTS exam was done a month ago and I got an 8 in my Academic Writing. In truth, I did not expect that I would get an 8. It was all because of the grammar training I had with JRooz. So, for you who are preparing for the exam, the best thing to do is to build a strong foundation in grammar by attending grammar classes. Not only is this best for your writing but also for your speaking exam.

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