What Does TOEFL Means and Where Can We Use It?

ETS_TOEFL_iBT_310When a Filipino tries to file a visa application in the United States or even in some English speaking countries, an English proficiency examination is a major requirement. Most of the time, the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is needed. Some may be familiar with this examination, while others remain clueless. What is the TOEFL?

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Steps on How to Reschedule a TOEFL Exam

It is not surprising that more and more Filipinos are taking the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language since it has been made a requirement for visa applications in English speaking countries. Many Filipinos are taking the TOEFL either for work or study applications in the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Since it is a requirement, getting the score is important and can cause stress to any candidate.


Reviewing for the TOEFL is advised to any candidate. Since it the content of the test is academic, there are some topics that might seem unfamiliar to the examinee that needs to be reviewed. There are a lot of TOEFL review centers in the country where one can take advantage of their very good programs. Most of the time, TOEFL review coaches encourage their students to prepare for at least two to three months before the examination. It will give them time to understand the flow of the exam and make better responses in both speaking and writing.

Registering for the test is easy as candidates can setup an account in the TOEFL homepage. Online registration is possible. However, there are instances whereby the candidate needs to reschedule the exam due to varied reasons. This could be illness, a death in the family, a conflict in schedule, or even the realization that the candidate is not ready to take the exam yet. For whatever reasons the candidate has, rescheduling of the exam is possible. Here is how:

Rescheduling can be done online or thru phone call.

Online rescheduling

1. Log in to your TOEFL account in http://www.ets.org.
2. Go to View Order in your page.
3. Click “Modify” on rescheduling for the exam. Check for available test dates for your next target date.

Through phone call

1. Have your registration number ready.
2. Call this number 60-3-7628-3333 and have your exam rescheduled.

Most candidates would opt to do it online for it is much easier and convenient. Candidates should also know that there is a fee of $60 (about PhP 2700) in rescheduling the examination. Further, rescheduling of the examination is only possible three days before the scheduled exam. Candidates who fail to reschedule a day before the exam will not be allowed; hence, they should take the test because refunds will not be given.

TOEFL review centers can be of help to candidates rescheduling their test dates. Visit one nearest to you so that they can explain and process the rescheduling with your permission.

For more TOEFL Tips http://toeflreview.blogspot.com.

My Experience Being a Grandison Scholar

I’ve been told by a lot of people that looking for a job after graduating from college is not easy. After I finished my degree in physical therapy, me and my friends immediately went to review classes to get our professional licenses here in the Philippines. I guess it is true since most of my college friends were still looking for a job a couple of months after passing the board exam. Luckily for me, my aunt found me a job in a rehabilitation center in the city.

While working in the center, I already had this dream in working in the US. My friends told me about Grandison Management. There was a meeting setup at a local hotel and there we’re told about their plans for physical therapists. After that, I thought that Grandison could be the help I needed to fulfil my dreams in working in the US.

One of the requirements we had to have was getting a TOEFL test. The TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency examination that we needed before we can take the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE). Being Grandison scholars, we were scheduled to have review classes for the TOEFL. Since we were scholars, we need not to pay anything for the class and the examination fee was on them as well. I studied very hard for the exam since we were required to get a score of 26 in the speaking test. The day of the exam came, and after a couple of weeks, I was so happy to reach my target score.

My block mates and I reviewed together for the NPTE. Seemed like luck was on our side, everyone passed the licensure test. Grandison was a big help to all of us. They helped us process our papers, credentialing and all the necessary documents needed before we could start working in the US, particularly in New York. The best thing is that almost every financial aspect of my journey to the US was taken care of Grandison Management. Honestly, I think I would not be able to cope up with the expenses for me to be able to work in New York. It was just so costly.

As I arrived in the US, Grandison made it sure that I would be able to find a place to live, showed me around the city, and made everything comfortable for us until we could manage everything on our own. I can say that without Grandison, I would never be here in New York. It has already been a year and I am thankful to Grandison for all the opportunities they have provided for me. Grandison is the best name we could trust – they simply make dreams come true.

Who Should Take the TOEFL Exam?

“I am John, a physical therapist. I am currently taking TOEFL review classes are a requirement for my NPTE exam. I am just wondering what other professions need the TOEFL to work overseas.”

There are a lot of people who are reviewing for the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language examination. These individuals are often professionals applying for a visa in other English speaking countries overseas. If you are a Filipino and you want to work overseas, taking English proficiency examinations such as the TOEFL is needed. Though Filipinos are good at using the English language, most countries and even companies have made it a major requirement for their applicants.

Now, who should take the TOEFL exam?

Anyone can take the TOEFL, it all depends on the English proficiency requirement the country or the institution they are applying for needs. People who take the TOEFL have many purposes. For example, physical therapists here in our county take the TOEFL as a requirement for the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE) – a licensure examination for physical therapists in the United States. Without the TOEFL, Filipino physical therapists cannot take the NPTE.

Nurses, applying for the United States and even in the UK, are required to take the TOEFL. These institutions have set score requirements for the applicants to achieve. Failure to do so means a retake of the examination.

Further, if you are someone who is planning to take degree courses of post-graduate studies in the US and UK, a TOEFL score requirement should be presented. These universities have to make sure that students applying for their universities are individuals who can survive not only the academic environment but also the environment where everyone speaks in English – in and out of the classroom. Students should be able to understand classroom discussions in English and can be in conversation with other students to ensure productivity and academic success.

Since TOEFL is very important, candidates for the examination should give reviewing a huge importance. TOEFL test takers have to prepare for the examination by getting TOEFL manuals and reviewers, or better yet, enrol in TOEFL review centers in their area. With these review centers, they will be guided accordingly to the skill building needs for the examination. Moreover, these centers give quality training and expose their students to different mock exams to make them familiar with the test.

Anyone can take the TOEFL; however, to make sure that candidates are not wasting time and money, search more on the requirements online or even contact the institution about their English language test requirement.

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

Do you know what the TOEFL is? Are you planning to take the test? Is your English good enough to score high?


The TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency examination taken by many non-native English speakers. These people who take the challenge of the said examination are individuals who are applying a visa for English speaking countries for different purposes: work, study or even immigration. Since it is a major requirement for visa application, the weight of passing this examination is very important to all its candidates.

There are a lot of things to know about the TOEFL. One most important thing is how to prepare for the examination. Here are some tips on how you can get yourself ready for the test.

• Make a plan for your study. The TOEFL test has four different sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Create a timetable marking objectives on each section. Start giving priority to the section that you feel you are the weakest. You have to consider reviewing on that more compared to those you are more familiar with. Further, make sure that you read notes on how to respond on these different tasks and try on some practice exercises.

• For speaking, practice using vocabulary for holding opinions and describing problems. Learn how to use word expressions such as idioms. While speaking, use contractions to sound more natural. Further, put extra work on pronunciation and intonation. Filipinos often have strong local accent that should be avoided in speaking.

• Everyone has to improve their vocabulary for the reading. Make a list of words related to specific fields of study like biology, architecture and history. Practice reading with a friend as both of you read a passage and ask questions to each other after understanding the passage.

• Listening should be improved by watching English movies and television shows. It improves your vocabulary and at the same time, your skill in taking down notes particularly details on an audio recording.

• It is always emphasized to practice on grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction for writing. Write essays on different topics to develop your own writing style. Always reread your output to check on spelling and other grammatical errors.

Other things to consider:

• Choose your destination and being sure where to apply.

• Known the destination’s deadlines and requirements. Find more about them by searching online and contacting these institutions.

• Decide on your test day and location.

• Register for the exam a couple of months before your preferred test date.

• Engage in a lot of TOEFL practices

Preparing for the TOEFL is not that difficult. Candidates should have to be responsible in managing their time by prioritizing sections to be reviewed for the TOEFL.


If you are planning to review for TOEFL you can visit this site www.jroozreview.com/toefl-review-center.

TOEFL Review in the Philippines: What are the Best Training Centers?

Training has always been emphasized as the key element to a successful examination. Lack of training or reviewing for an examination is sure to result to a poor performance and a bad score. Though a lot of people think reviewing is a waste of time and cramming can be better, in taking an English proficiency examination such as the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, training is needed and a must.
A large population of Filipino physical therapists are in need of TOEFL training. The reason is due to the fact that the TOEFL score is a major requirement before they can take the National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE), which is needed to acquire license to practice their profession in their desired state in the United States of America (USA). Not only physical therapists but also nurses need the TOEFL as a requirement in working overseas. With this, a lot of TOEFL training centers have started operating in the country. Enrolling in a good one is a must, so here are some of the best TOEFL training centers in the country.


1. JRooz Review Center Inc.
This review center has an intensive and unlimited program for its clients. The intensive program runs for two weeks. Covering the first week will be lectures and techniques students must have in the examination. The other week is purely mock exams and coaching for the real TOEFL examination. The unlimited program is best for clients who are working and has a packed schedule. This program is good for one year. Lessons are scheduled so students are updated on what topics are to be discussed in a specific day. This review center has branches in main cities in the Philippines: Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao City.

2. EPro Training Center
This review center has crash courses and unlimited program offered to its clients. Crash courses ranges from three to five days and unlimited program is good for 5 months. They also give free sit-ins to those enrolled in the unlimited program. EPro is located in Baguio City – conveniently located away from busy streets and pollution where students can only focus into studying.

3. IRIS – International Review and Review Studies
Providing learning skills and excellence in the TOEFL exam is their aim for their clients. They have unlimited classroom lectures, computer test simulation, one-on-one coaching, free materials, and test registration assistance offered to their students. Their unlimited program is also valid for one year. This center is located at Quezon City.

Check their websites and compare which would be best for you. Enrolling in the best TOEFL center is important as the success on your test relies on the quality of training you will be getting.

Is TOEFL Difficult to Pass?

People have been saying that taking the TOEFL or the Test of English as Foreign Language is too difficult. Some may say yes but others would definitely disagree. Why do people think TOEFL is difficult to pass?

Here are some common misconceptions on the TOEFL test that candidates should not believe.

1. The TOEFL can be only taken once.
As long as you have the money to register for the examination, you can take it as many times as possible in a month. Some candidates have a target score to meet and they are beating their deadlines for their applications so they register for the test even three times in a month. The TOEFL test can be taken more than once in a month or even as often as possible.

2. The TOEFL test can be only taken outside the country.
Of course, you can take the TOEFL test right here in the Philippines. There are different test locations like in Manila, Cebu and Davao. All the candidate needs to do is check TOEFL’s website to check the schedule of the exam in different cities.

3. Speaking fast gets you a good score in the speaking test.
NO! What makes a candidate get a good score in the speaking test is the content of his or her responses, how well the answers are given, the flow of the response, the pronunciation and grammar.

4. Only American companies and universities accept the TOEFL test.
The test is not only accepted in the United States but also to 130 other countries in the world. Moreover, visa applications in Australia will be accepting TOEFL as an English language requirement starting November 2014.

5. Only American English is used in the test.
Since it is an English test, different accents are used to gauge how well one can understand English spoken in different accents. Hence, candidates have to be exposed on activities that will make them familiar with different English accents.

6. You can extend your time in the reading test.
Once your time is consumed, your answers will be submitted to the servers whether you have completed them or not. Time is very important, so candidates need to manage their time in taking the test.

7. It is okay to write below the minimum number of words in the writing as long as the content is exceptional.
The writing test will accept essays written below the minimum number of words; however, there is a penalty to such. Nobody has perfected the TOEFL test without reading and following the instructions in the task.

8. The TOEFL certificate does not expire.
The validity of the test is only for two years. Once your certificate expires, you have to take the test again.

9. One should have an accent in the speaking test.
Like what was mentioned before, the most important thing in the speaking test is the content of the answer. If you have an accent then it is better. However, it is not a necessity to speak like an American in the speaking test. Just make sure your regional accent will not affect your pronunciation during the response.

10. There is no need to study meticulously for the exam.
A lot of candidates prepare religiously for the test. It is important for candidates to understand all the details and skills needed in the exam to successfully hit their target scores.

Never be complacent in taking the TOEFL. Read and be informed on what the exam is all about.